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Our founder and CEO, Sofia Renkel has substantial knowledge and skills in education and corporate operations. She has over ten years of experience as an engineer and administrator with an international corporation in Ecuador, South America. Sofia then relocated to Texas where she has several years of experience as a certified teacher. In a
classroom environment, she was able to impact how students engaged, collaborated, and worked independently, while strengthening their interest in learning. During the challenges created by Covid, she received a district wide teacher of the year award from Clear Creek ISD. 

At Learning Environments LLC ® , we focus on both students and teachers. We believe their success depends on classroom environments that maximize learning outcomes. Educational furniture that is customizable will allow teachers to nurture students’ individual learning styles, increase on-task behaviors, and decrease non-attentive behavior. Customized educational furniture will give students the opportunity to interact within their space and personalize their learning environments. Active and flexible seating allows students to manage their anxiety, anger, and distraction by helping them redirect energy. These types of educational furniture solutions will improve student engagement, adaptability, and prepare them for tomorrow’s workforce.

Learning Environments LLC ®  specializes in distribution of innovative, customizable, and affordable furniture and equipment. We create engaging, individual, and collaborative educational environments. We offer a no-cost turnkey service to assist clients needs with Personalized Requirement Evaluation, Design Development & Merchandise Consultation, Project Management & Installation, and Ongoing Assistance. Our staff has numerous years of experience in the educational furniture marketplace.

At Learning Environments LLC ® , we believe that the actions schools take today will give students a competitive edge tomorrow.

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Learning Environments LLC® is a member of national and local purchasing cooperatives.

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